25kg Bag Unloader Hood with Screw Conveyor

25kg Chemical Bag Unloader

Filquip has designed and supplied a new 25kg manual bag splitting station with integrated dust extractor that allows the operator to place a 25k bag within the hood on the grill and split it while all the dust and air moves away for the operator up into the dust extractor. The dust extractor cleans back down into the hood and hopper below once the door is closed on the hood.

The hopper is connected into a TX Stainless Steel Screw conveyor with a pneumatically actuated butterfly valve on its outlet. The screw conveyor moves the decanted product from the bags into the mixing tank and once conveyed the butterfly valve closes to limit moisture going back into the dry product conveyor system.

The following Filquip equipment package was provided for this system:

  • RSM03 Manual Bag Splitting Station with 1.1kw Fanset, Filter Cartridges set and reverse pulse automated cleaning system. 170L storage hopper on station
  • TX SS304 Screw Conveyor, 100mm Diameter, 2500mm long with 200mm flared and extended inlet cone
  • V2FS100.AI Pneumatically Actuated Butterfly Valve with 24VDC coil
  25kg bag tip in station