Fly Ash Dense Phase Conveyor

Fly Ash Dense Phase Conveyor

Filquip was engaged to specify, supply and commission a Fly Ash Dense Phase Conveying system to transport 9TPH of product a distance of 40m from a Bulk Storage Silo to a Day Bin over the production line.

The system was designed to replace the older Lean Phase Conveying system which was experiencing significant wear and maintenance requirements resulting in shutdowns of the plant. The new Dense Phase Conveyor is designed for abrasive products and only has one simple moving part in the build for minimal maintenance.

The following equipment package was supplied by Filquip:

  • BARTOne 300 Dense Phase System 300L Vessel Capacity, Throughput capacity of 9,000kg/hr of Fly Ash at 40m distance.
  • Inclusive of Electrical Control and Air Control Panels and Pipeline Air Boosters for the Dense Phase System.
  • Extrac BA.1.1.1500 Bin Activator 1500mm diameter in Painted Mild Steel Build.
  • Drop Through Rotary Valve (Model RV10.20, CS, 1.1kW Motor).

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Dense Phase Conveying Fly ash

Filquip Flyash Dense Phase Conveyor