Hazardous Area IECEX Ship Hopper Loading Bellows

Hazardous Area IECEX Ship Hopper Loading Bellows

Filquip has specified and supplied a new set of Hazardous Area IECEX Ship Hopper Loading Bellows to fill/load open trucks with many different products unloaded from the port into trucks.

The bellows supplied are Stainless Steel Contact Parts and IECEX rated for hazardous area dusts, the design brief for the bellows includes being able to load out Wheat, Chickpeas, Barley Malt, Barley Dust, Soymeal, Canola, Lupins, Faba Beans, Maize, Oats, Rye, Fertilisers (MAP, DAP, Urea, Super Phosphates), Potash, Magnetite, Gypsum and Soda Ash.

The following specifications were included for the Loading Bellows:

  • Inner and Outer Bellows system with Stainless Steel 304 Drop Cones
  • 0.55kW IECEX Winch Motor.
  • IECEX Junction Box and IECEX Level Indicators for Control Feedback.
  • Stroke of 3890mm (6090mm extended length, 2200mm retracted length).
  • 440 m3/hr Throughput Capacity.

These loading bellows have been supplied with IECEX electrical parts for all equipment located inside the hazardous area zone.

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Ship Hopper IECEX Loading Bellows for Port Unloading
Ship Hopper Loading Bellows

IECEX Loading Bellows Winch Motor