Pneumatic Conveying

Filquip is a bulk materials handling equipment supplier with specialist experience in Pneumatic Conveying systems. Including Lean phase blow conveying, Dense phase conveying and Vacuum conveying.

Filquip has partnered with WAM and Air-Tec to deliver quality Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems.

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Lean phase blower conveying

Blower Lean Phase Conveying

Filquip can design, specify and provide lean phase blower pneumatic conveying systems to move product from trucks, bulk bags, hoppers or silos to any locations.

Utilising a blower, Blow-through Rotary Valve and air/dust collection venting system and hopper Filquip can provide a complete package.

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Pressure dense phase conveying

Dense Phase Conveying

Dense Phase Transport systems for moving materials from distances of 1m to over 500m and with flow rates greater than 500 Tons per hour.

  • Bart Range – Up to 20m distance with a flow rate up to 1 tons/h.
  • Bart-One Range – Up to 70m distance with flow rates between 3 – 20 tons/h.
  • TPA Range – Greater than 70m distance with flow rates greater than 100 tons

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Vacuum Conveying

Vacuum Conveying

Filquip can design, specify and provide vacuum pneumatic conveying systems to move product from trucks, bulk bags, hoppers or silos to any location.

Filquip can also provide vacuum collection systems to move product from suction heads to bins or bags for simple waste removal.

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Diverter Valves

Diverter Valves

Filquip is the Australian distributor and agent for Air-Tec Systems and the Queensland agent for WAM products and Equipment allowing a diverse range of diverter valve options for pneumatic conveying systems.

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Filquip Centralised Industrial Vacuum Systems

Centralised Industrial Vacuum Systems

Centralised industrial vacuum systems have become integral components in the safe cleaning and operation of mills for flour, sugar, animal feed and many other plants that handle organic powders and granules which are combustible dusts.

Our Filquip Centralised Industrial Vacuum Systems utilise quality German and Italian manufactured equipment combined collection hoppers and frames fabricated at our workshop in Queensland, Australia.

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Portable Vacuum Lifter

Mobile Vacuum Conveying System

Filquip has worked with the Coffee Roasting and Calcium Powders industries to develop a Mobile Vacuum Conveyor with wand piece to allow staff to suck powders and granules from the bags and lift them up into their equipment.

The FVC mobile vacuum conveyor can lift almost any powder or granule product from bags or containers using the vacuum wand and lift it up into equipment such as roasters, hoppers and mixers.

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Borosilicate Sight Glass

Glass Wear Bends

The new Eurac Borosilicate Glass Pipes and Wear Resistant Bends come in a wide range of diameters. The transparency of the borosilicate glass allows simple visual checks of the material flowing through the pipes or bends.

  • Borosilicate Glass has up to 10 times the abrasion resistance of Stainless Steel.

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Eurac Clamp

Pipe Couplings / Pipe Clamps

Filquip is a specialist supplier of pneumatic conveying systems and their components including Pipe Couplings (Also known as Morris Couplings). Filquip is an Australian distributor for Eurac couplings and clamps for pipe and tube.

All Filquip supplied pipe couplings come with Conductivity strip and conductivity ring which wraps around the location where the two pipe ends meet. Installation of the Eurac clamps requires no special preperation to pipe ends other than a clean cut with de-burring.

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ALMIG Combi Compressor Packages

ALMIG Combi Air Compressor Packages

Filquip is an Authorised Distributor of German Manufactured ALMIG Compressor Systems. For almost 100 years ALMiG has been manufacturing quality compressed air systems in Germany for distribution around the world.

The ALMIG COMBI Air Compressor Packages provide a small footprint All-In-One Compressor and Air treatment system. With a performance class range of 5.5 kW to 22 kW the COMBI system includes the compressor, air-receiver, refrigeration drier inline pre-filter and inline post filter all in the one simple to locate and install housing.

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