Grit Separators

Filquip supplies Grit Separators and Grit Classifiers to Water Treatment Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants and Industrial Liquid Waste processing facilities.

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Savi grit classifierGrit Separators DS SeriesSPECO Grit Separators DS Series

The DS Grit Separator (Also known as a Grit Classifier) controls the flow of the waste water to allow sedimentation of the sand and grit from the stream. The outloading screw conveyor then discharges the grit through the upper outlet.

The GRITSEP DS Grit Classifiers consist of a large volume sedimentation hopper with a water inlet and outlet spout, a shaftless inclined screw conveyor housed in a trough that includes a low friction anti-wear trough liner, trough cover and an outlet spout for the captured solid particles

  • Flow rates up to 36,000 Litres per hour (36 m³/hour or 10L/s).
  • Solids through put up to 1.29 m³ / hour.
  • Low rotation screw speed resulting in increased sedimentation rate.
  • Designed without the need for bearings for reduced maintenance requirements.
  • Available in Stainless Steel 304 or 316.

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Grit Separators FGC SeriesGrit Classifiers FGC SeriesSPECO Grit Separators FGC Series

The FGC Fluid Dynamic Grit Separator (Also known as a Grit Classifier) is the most compact and economical solution for separating sand/grit from a waste water stream.

The FGC Grit Separators have been designed using advanced water flow simulation software, its dynamic flow path reduces the tank size required to create sedimantation in the waste water flow. The FGC is manufactured in modules to provide a compact small footprint unit that is simple to assemble onsite.

The GRITSEP FGC Grit Classifiers consist of a decanting tank with internal flow dynamic profile, a grit and sand extracting screw and support stands.

  • Flow rates up to 130,000 Litres per hour (130 m³/hour or 36L/s).
  • Sand and grit separation down to 200 micron.
  • Includes self-cleaning drainage module manufactured from SINT Engineered Polymer.
  • Compact foot print for simple installation into existing plants and inexpensive transportation costs.
  • Available in Stainless Steel 304 or 316.

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Grit Washer Savi CLSWSavi CLSW Grit Classifier WasherSAVI Grit Classifiers & Sand Washers CLS

The Savi CLS and CLSW series of Grit Classifiers and Sand washers separate sand and grit contained in waste water and then wash it to reduce the quantity of organic particles.

The water and sand mixture falls enters the specifically designed the truncated cone tank where it is agitated. Wash water is introduced during mixing to help separate organic particles from the effluent. The cone tank base has a double bottom, where the upper part is equipped with holes for the wash water flow.The agitator keeps the sand moving towards the centre opening of the tank  which connects to the discharge screw conveyor.

The density differential and designed rotation and washing actions results in the organic particles floating and sand particles with a  grain size larger than 200 μm falling to bottom of the tank for extraction. The clean water flows through a weir inside the tank to the outlet.

  • Available in 3 sizes with flow rates up to 30L/s.
  • 97% organic separation efficiency.
  • Available in Stainless Steel 304 or 316.
  • High Separation Efficiency in Sand and Organic matters from water.

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Grit Washer LCS CompactSand Washer LCS CompactSPECO Compact Sand Washers LCS

The GRITSEP LCS is a sand washing system with SINT engineered polymer components for high performance anti-wear operation.

The machine consists of a washing chamber with a vertical extracting screw. The washing chamber is equipped with mixing tools and an air-water injection system which works as a system to remove organics from the sand/grit.
The compact design of the GRITSEP LCS makes it suitable for a number of applications including being retrofitted to an existing Grit Separator for additional organics removal.

  • Solids throughput from 0.1 m³/hour to 0.4 m³/hour.
  • High washing performance with organic residue less than 2%.
  • Includes inspection sight viewing tube.
  • Available in Stainless Steel 304 or 316.

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Wastemaster moveable water treatment plantSpeco modular water treatment plantSPECO Combined Mechanical Pre-Treatment Screening Systems

The Speco Wastemaster series of mechanical pre-treatment systems utilise their own self-supporting tank to extract solids from the waste stream and compact these for disposal or reuse. The Wastemaster series is ideal for septage receival stations or pre-septic tank operations.

  • Speco waste master TSF1, TSF2, TSF3, TSB1, TSB2, TSB3The Wastemaster TSF1/TSB1 consists of a Screen, Solids conveying screw and Compactor and can handle flow rates up to 30 L/S.
  • The Wastemaster TSF2/TSB2 consists of a Screen, Solids conveyor screw, Compactor and Sand Separator and can handle flow rates up to 30L/s.
  • The Wastemaster TSF3/TSB3 consists of a Screen, Solids conveyor screw, Compactor, Sand separator and Grease remover and can handle flow rates up to 30L/s.
  • Available in Stainless Steel 304 or 316

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