Paste Fill Mixers

Filquip supplies MAP Industrial Paste Fill Mixers. MAP mixers are the global standard in mixing solids, granules, powders, chemicals, food products, waste, cement and building materials.

Paste backfill is used in underground hard rock mines primarily to fill the vertical stopes where veins of metals and minerals are extracted. The Paste Backfill is generally made from mixing the tailings with cement and then pumping the mix underground. The use of a MAP WAH Continuous Mixer from Filquip avoids the common issues with the cleaning required with other mixing technologies as the WAM is a self cleaning unit.

Powders MixerPaste Fill MixerMAP Continuous Single Shaft Paste Fill Mixers – WAH Model

The WAH Continuous Single Shaft Industrial Paste Fill Mixers are the ideal machine to obtain highest quality cement and tailings mixing is the fastest mixing time with self cleaning.

Traditional mixers for paste fill get cement and tailings stuck into the internal corners of the mixer, The MAP WAH Mixer however avoids this with a smooth internal bore and ploughshare mixing profile that leaves no internal dead spots for product to build up into.

WAH Continuous Paste Fill Mixers consist of a cylindrical mixing drum with an inlet at one end, an outlet at the opposite end and a venting spout. With internal mixing shaft, two drum closing end plates with flanged end bearing assemblies complete with integrated air or gas-purged shaft seals, and a drive unit complete with power transmission the WAH mixer is built to industrial standards.

Ploughshares or inclined blade-type shovels rotate as mixing tools in a specific arrangement on the mixer shaft inside the drum vessel. The result is a specific turbulence through the mix that constantly brings all the product particles into the mixing process removing the formation of dead spots or slow-movement zones.

  • Model sizes with capacities from 2m³/hr to 1,000m³/hr.
  • End bearing assemblies available with various types of air or nitrogen-purged shaft seals or grease sealing.
  • Available in Carbon Steel, Anti-wear steel, Stainless Steel 304 and Stainless Steel 316 constructions.
  • Available in bead blasted, mirror polished or grit silked finishes.
  • Wide range of mixing tools fittable including ploughshare, toothed ploughshare, blade-type, toothed blade all possible with anti-wear coating on request.
  • Available with Replaceable liners, Ceramic liners, Teflon liners and Stainless steel mesh as optional additions.
  • Optional pneumatic sampling devices available to be fitted.

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