Sugar Dense Phase Conveying

Sugar Dense Phase Conveying

Filquip has specified, supplied and commissioned a Sugar Dense Phase Conveying System to transport 6TPH of sugar a distance of 270m between the existing sugar refinery and the new sugar processing facility on the other side of the plant.

The following equipment package was supplied by Filquip:

  • Full Pipeline Dense Phase System for White Sugar 12TPA600 FP Model.
  • 1699L Vessel Capacity, Hazardous Zone 21 Rated, IECEX Certified Instruments.
  • Inclusive of Electrical Control and Air Control Panels and Pipeline Air Boosters.

Without this Dense Phase conveying system, the sugar refinery would not be able to build the new processing facility on the other side of the plant 270m away with 8 pipe bends and receive the sugar in a cost-effective manner.

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