Fly Ash Loading Bellows

Fly Ash Loading Bellows

Filquip has specified, supplied, installed and commissioned a set of Fly Ash Loading Bellows to fill tanker trucks via Screw Conveyors from the electrostatic precipitator hoppers at a Power Plant.

The following specifications were included for the Loading Bellows:

  • BellowJet Model with integrated Dust Collector in the Unit
  • 0.55kW Winch Motor.
  • Dual Level Indicators for Control Feedback.
  • Inner and Outer Bellows system
  • With anti-spillage closure cone that retracts to close the outlet after filling is completed
  • 300 m3/hr Throughput Capacity.

The pairing of these loading bellows with the piggybacked screw conveyors allows the removal of fly ash from each hopper to all flow to the one tanker filling point.

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Flyash Loading Bellows
Flyash Tanker Loading Bellows