Flyash Screw Conveyors

Flyash Screw Conveyors

Filquip has designed, supplied and commissioned a set of three piggy back screw conveyors for transferring FlyAsh to a loading bellow for Outloading from the power plant into tank trucks.
The following equipment package was supplied:

  • Three (43) TC323.5800 Screw Conveyors, 300mm diameter, 5.8m long in Painted Mild Steel.
  • ZAMBA Bellowjet Loading Bellows with integrated dust extractor.
  • Mobile Fabricated Frames for Screw Conveyors and Loading Bellows.

The use of this mobile screw conveyor setup allows the extraction of the flyash from under the Power Plant storage hoppers and efficient dust free loading of this fly ash into tanker trucks.

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Loading Flyash into Tankers