Quarry Products Dust Dense Phase Conveying

Quarry Products Dust Dense Phase Conveying

Filquip has specified, supplied and commissioned a new Dense Phase Conveying system to transport the dust collected in a plant bag house and return it to the product silos for re-use. The plant bag house collects stone dust, fly ash, cement, sand dust and slag dust from their building products bagging plant, then the BART dense phase conveying system returns the dust to a storage silo for re-use.

The following equipment package was supplied by Filquip:

  • Dense Phase Transfer System (BART 24L System, 1.2TPH transfer rate)
  • Silotop Dust Collector and VHS Pressure Relief Valve for Receiver Silo

The installation of this system has allowed the customer to return 40T of dust collected in the first month of operation to the plant process. This system will continue to offer savings in raw product to the customer as the dense phase system has the ability to convey the collected dust back to the process storage silos no matter which dust is being generated on the day from the packing line.

View the Filquip Dense Phase Conveyor Range

Dense Phase Conveying to Return Baghouse Dust to Process


Dense Phase Conveyor under Baghouse Dust Extractor