Hydraulic Vibrators

Filquip is an authorised distributor of Oli Hydraulic vibrators. The MVO-850 Oli Hydraulic vibrator has been designed to provide effective emptying and feeding for Dump Trucks, Vacuum Trucks, V-Box Spreaders, Side Tippers, Agricultural Equipment, Digging Buckets, Pipeline Padding Machines and any other large piece of equipment with a hydraulic circuit.

Truck Hydraulic VibratorsHydraulic VibratorsOli Hydraulic Vibrators

The MVO850 Hydraulic Rotary Vibrator generates very low amplitude high frequency vibration where a hydraulic circuit is available. The Oli Hydraulic Vibrators are robust, compact and easy to install on any equipment.

  • Designed for use on Truck Trailers and large hydraulic plant and equipment.
  • Working temperature from -20 Deg C to +60 Deg C.
  • Suitable for clays, fertilisers, granules, powders, manure, sludge and aggregates.
  • Vibratory Force (centrifugal force) up to 830kg.
  • Vibratory Force is adjustable relative to the working fluid pressure.
  • Working pressure from 15 bar to 300 bar (217 PSI to 4,350 PSI).
  • Vibration speeds from 700 RPM to 6,000 RPM (2.24L/min @ 700 RPM, 9.6L/min @ 3,000 RPM & 19.2L/min @ 6,000 RPM).
  • Maximum noise level 80 dBA.

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Vibrator cradleFormwork vibrator clampsVibrator Clamps and Cradles

The Clamps and Cradles are ideal for positioning vibrators on formwork in permanent locations while still being able to detach the vibrator and move it between forms, saving costs on vibrators.

  • CLW Series as a Clamp for wooden form works.
  • CLS Series as a Clamp for steel form works.
  • CRS Series as a Cradle for steel concrete moulds.

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How to mount a vibratorVibrator Mounts

Filquip has a range of vibrator mounting channels and plates with pre-set studs to suit a range of vibrators.

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Electric Vibrator Channel Mounts