Shaftless Sludge Screw Conveyors

Shaftless Sludge Screw Conveyors

Filquip has designed, supplied and commissioned a set of Two reversible shaftless sludge screw conveyors to the Northpine WTP. These Sludge Screw Conveyors transfer the sludge from the Centrifuges to 3 possible outlets to fill portable bins below.
The following equipment package was supplied by Filquip:

  • Two Reversible Stainless Steel Screw Conveyors (Model SSC, 300mm diameter, SS304, 4580mm Long, 3kW Motor).
  • Two Pneumatic Slide Gates for middle screw conveyor outlet.
  • Six Drop Chutes from outlets to transport sludge skips.

The modular nature of the SSC Screw Conveyor Manufacturing Process ensures that standardised spare parts are available for these shaftless sludge screw conveyors as opposed to custom built units which may not use standardised modular parts.

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Shaftless Screw Conveyors