Baghouse Dust Dense Phase Conveying

Baghouse Dust Dense Phase Conveying

Filquip was engaged by a customer to assist with the Design, Supply and Commissioning of a Dense Phase Conveying System to return the dust extracted from a building materials bag filling plant to the product storage silos, saving raw materials costs (sand, cement, aggregate dusts).

The plant baghouse unit onsite had a tendency to compact the collected dust into lumps and as such a Lump Breaker unit was included into the supply along with a new Square Rotary Valve airlock.

The design also included the ability to divert the dust collected into either the Dense Phase Conveyor to return it to the plant raw product storage or the collect it into bulk bags for sales. A Hardox Diverter Valve with Pneumatic actuation was supplied by Filquip to achieve this.

The Filquip equipment supplied for this baghouse upgrade included:

  • BARTONE 50 Dense Phase System, 50m Conveying Distance 2m3/hr throughput
  • DLP.035 Lump Breaker, with 3kw Motor
  • Hardox 250mm Diverter Valve, with 24vdc Pneumatic Actuator
  • RV10 Rotary Valve with 1.1kw Motor and Gearbox Combo
  • 350mm Size Pneumatically Actuated Slide Gate Valve.


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