Stone Dust Dense Phase Conveyor

Stone Dust Dense Phase Conveyor

Filquip has supplied and commissioned a Stone Dust Dense Phase Conveyor to trasnport the quarry stone dust from the air classifiers to a Storage Silo at a distance of 60m and throughput of 40TPH. Filquip also supplied a Dust Conditioning System to the Storage Silo which conditions the stone dust so it can be loaded into open trucks for return to the quarry pit.

The following equipment package was supplied:

  • Dense Phase Transfer System (BART One 900 System).
  • Airline Dense Phase Boosters.
  • Compressed Air Receiver.
  • Dust Conditioning System (Dustfix 80 Model).

This dense phase transfer system replaced a Z-Conveyor previously being used which was failing on a fortnightly basis due to the extreme abrasion of the stone dust. The BART ONE 900 provides a reliable solution which minimises the maintenance requirements of the quarry.

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