Wand Vacuum Conveyor System – FVC

Filquip has developed a Wand Vacuum Conveyor System to vacuum transfer powders and granules from Bags and Trays up into a Discharge hopper to fill into processes as required.

The FVC wand vacuum conveyor can lift almost any powder or granule product from bags, trays or containers and conveys it up into its hopper head unit. The system then discharges the product from the head hopper into any process as required by the customer.

Many processes involve staff lifting heavy bags or drums of powder or granules into equipment.  This exposes them to physical injury through incorrect lifting techniques or just lifting things that are too heavy.  One of the easiest ways to mitigate this risk is to use vacuum conveying to lift the powder or granules up into the equipment.

Portable Vacuum Conveyor

Coffee Vacuum Lifting Conveyor

  • Manufactured from polished 304 stainless steel.
  • Food grade suction hose (Suitable for food and pharmaceutical industries).
  • The unit comes on lockable wheels for mobility around the facility.
  • The unit comes complete with in-built reverse pulse cleaning.
  • Simple control panel provided for ease of operator use.
  • Discharge height up to 2m.
  • Nominal throughput up to 8m3/hr.
  • Available in Single Phase, Three Phase and Pneumatic motor configurations.

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Air Slide Matting Available Ex Stock

Filquip carries Air Slide Matting Available Ex Stock in Brisbane in standard 305mm and 440mm Wide sizes. Available by the roll or in custom cut sections. Filquip Air Slide Matting Available Ex Stock

We also often have stocks of other air slide matting sizes including 270mm wide, 320mm wide and 430mm wide.

All of our Air Slide Matting Available Ex Stock is Quality Polyester Multifilement Fabric.

We can also supply special airslide materials for temperatures as low as -60 Deg C up to maximum temperatures of 250 Deg C with sort periods up to 450 Deg C.

Our Air Slide Matting is used in:

  • Pneumatic Loading Systems.
  • Pneumatic Discharge Systems.
  • Air Slides.
  • Storage Silos.
  • Fluidising basins.
  • Railway Wagons Discharging Cones.
  • Tanker Trucks.
  • Isotainers.
  • Powder Coating Machine Sinter Basin Bottoms.
  • Powder Containers and many other applications.

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Mobile Pneumatic Product Conveying Systems

Filquip has recently delivered a set of Mobile Pneumatic Product Conveying Systems to customers for the unloading of bulk bags and shipping containers.

The unit consists of a bulk bag unloader which is removable allowing the connection of a shipping container unloader spout mounted onto a structurally certified mobile skid with forklift lifting points. The packaged skid has a 30kW Positive Pressure Blower with Acoustic enclosure that provides the moving air through the stainless steel piping to convey the product from the hopper and rotary valve to a camlock connection point for transfer into the site silo or hopper.

Includes integrated local control panel with VSD and dial for adjusting the conveying throughput.

Mobile Pneumatic Product Conveying Systems

Bulk Bag and Shipping Container Mobile Unloader


Vac Truck Replacement Filters

Filquip is a filtration equipment supplier with Vac Truck Replacement Filters readily available off the shelf. Filquip has specialist experience in industrial dust collection, air and fume filtration and liquid filtration.

Vac Truck Replacement Filters

Filquip has extensive stocks of 155mm diameter by 1m long filter cartridges on the shelf and can make any Vac-Truck Filter Bags required for any model.

Filquip Vac Truck filters are made from spun bond polyester (240g/m2). We also carry special versions with advanced filter media for hazardous and special applications. Our Filters are generally more robust than the competitors due to our welded mesh metal core (Not Plastic) and advanced head manufacture made from our special rubberised compound (Not Polyurethane) which provides durability, flexibility and effective sealing.

Every filter head comes with a sealing snap band in the top ready for installation into your truck. The flexibility of our filter head compound allows the changing of the size of the sealing snap band to suit the Cell Plate Diameter of your Vac Truck.

The filters play a critical role in protecting the blower from damaging foreign materials. Good filters reduce the vacuum pressure required to be generated and results in less energy/fuel being required to operate the Vac Truck. Broken or low efficiency filters can result in the lobes of the blower being eroded adding extra maintenance and unexpected shut down costs.

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Vac Truck Replacement Filters

Dust Collectors for Belt Conveyors

Dust Collectors for Belt ConveyorsFilquip is a supplier of Insertable Dust Collectors for Belt Conveyors, the low profile nature of the Insertable unit makes it perfect for mounting on Belt Conveyor systems. Filquip is happy to calculate and specify the dust collector required for Dust Control of your Belt Conveyor.

As the Queensland distributor and agent for WAM and their patented dust collector units which are renowned worldwide ,Filquip can provide insertable dust collector systems from small bins and silos to  conveyor transfer points on ship unloaders and even large quarry crusher hoppers

The filters elements are inserted horizontally or vertically with a compressed air cleaning system integrated in the access door so the cleaning tubes do not need to be removed to access the filters.

  • Air volumes up to 9,000m³/hr.
  • Filtration surface areas from 3m² to 54m².
  • Optional vertical or horizontal filter elements.
  • Robust stainless steel 304 body. 316SS Option available.
  • Available as a hazardous area dust collector.
  • Available with integrated extraction fanset.
  • Available with Electronic Differential Pressure Meter.

The WAMAir Insertable Dust Collector has maintenance free automatic reverse air jet cleaning of the cartridges, this is a must on Dust Collectors for Belt Conveyors.

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Stainless Steel Bin Vibrators

The Oli Stainless Steel Bin Vibrators for are for use in corrosive or hygienic areas with IP66 protection. Stainless Steel Vibrator Shaker

Stainless Steel Vibrators

    • Vibratory Force (centrifugal force) output from 20kg to 20Kg to 26,000Kg through a range of over 50 different model variants.
    • Ex II3D and ETL, Class II, Division 2 certification for application in the presence of potentially flammable dusts in hazardous environments.
    • Vacuum-impregnated windings using Class F insulating materials.
    • Selected models available with IECEX Vibrator certification.
    • Corrosion Resistant
    • Stainless Steel Build
    • Smooth Body Shape
    • Water and Moisture Proof
    • Terminal Box Protection

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WAM VIB Thin Slide Gate Valve

The new WAM VIB Thin Slide Gate Valve is a low profile cost effective solution for isolating powders and granular materials in hoppers, bins and silos.

The thin valve consists of two high pressure die-cast semi-bodies manufactured from aluminium alloy, a sliding blade in carbon or stainless steel, a carbon or stainless steel frame with polymer seal. The use of SINT engineering polymer seal considerably reduces the abrasion wear compared to traditional valves. For the food industry they come in a version with stainless steel blade and frame, as well as food-grade seal.
WAM VIBQ Thin Valve WAM VIBQ Thin Slide Gate Valve

  • Dust Proof Sealing.
  • Available in multiple sizes including 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 and 400mm.
  • 75mm Flange to Flange (Low Profile)
  • Available with Handwheel Actuation, Pneumatic Actuation or Electro-motor actuation.
  • Ready to use for horizontal or vertical mounting.

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Hepa Filter Air Intake Box

The Filquip Hepa Filter air intake box is the ideal solution for providing clean air into your plant equipment process.

Developed for Fan and Vacuum Conveying intakes in industrial food processing plants the housing box is made from Stainless Steel with a pre-fitted outlet pipe spigot as requested by the customer.

Hepa Filter Air Intake Box

The Filquip Hepa box system comes with:

  • Air Intake box in 304 or 316 Stainless Steel
  • A premium washable V-form pre-filter (Rated resistance 65Pa up to a maximum 3400 m3/hr airflow)
  • AstroCel 3 Hepa Filter H13 (Rated resistance 250Pa up to a maximum 4000 m3/hr airflow)
  • This pre-filter and hepa-filter system provides an extended life with greater than 99.99% Efficiency at 0.3 Micron.

Portable Welding Fume Collector

The Filquip Fume 200 is a portable welding fume collector with 1 or 2 dirty air collection arms that can be positioned at the working space. The collector is designed to collect the harmful substances in welding smoke and other fabricating activities which can include:

Portable Welding Fume Collector

  • Gaseous toxic and harmful substance such as Carbon Monoxide, Ozone and Nitric Oxide;
  • Copper, Aluminium and Zinc which exist as smoke in the air;
  • Harmful particulate substances FexOy, Aluminium Oxide, Fluoride, Barium compounds, Chromium compounds, Nickel Oxide, Cadmium Oxide, Chromium Hemi Trioxide and Dioxide Thorium and so on;
  • Carcinogens such as Nickel Oxides, Chromium Oxide and so on;
  • Radioactive substances.

The dirty air is drawn in through the arm into the filter housing where it hits the flow distribution plates and changes direction.  Then the air flow goes upward which causes the heavier particles to drop out of the air flow before hitting the filter.  The remaining fine dust and fumes go through the filter cartridge and are filtered out. The clean air is exhausted through the exhaust silencer.

The pulse cleaning system cleans the cartridge and causes dust to fall into the collection tray which can be emptied.

The filter elements are horizontally loaded, the filter media is high efficiency Nano-web with fire retardant treatment in case of sparks which may pass into the fume collector. The filter media ensures the dust cleaning efficiency and prolongs the service life.

  • The portable welding fume collector is a low noise, high efficiency and high air flow unit.
  • Available in the FUME-150 with 1500m3/hr airflow, 2.2kW Motor and 1 fume arm (Dimensions 740 x 1150 x 1285mm)
  • Available in the FUME-200 with 2000m3/hr airflow, 3.0kW Motor and 2 fume arms (Dimensions 740 x 1150 x 1285mm)
  • Available in the FUME-300 with 3500m3/hr airflow, 4.0kW Motor and 2 fume arms (Dimensions 740 x 1150 x 1725mm)
  • The unit comes on lockable wheels for mobility around the facility.
  • The unit comes complete with in-built reverse pulse cleaning ability.
  • Simple control panel provided for ease of operator use.

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