Spodumene Dense Phase Conveying

Filquip has done a number of Dense Phase Conveying Trials for Spodumene Ore (An ore of lithium).

When the product was first received it was quite wet in the sample bucket and this did not load or convey well, getting stuck. Once laid out in drying pans and dried out in the sun for 4 hours (5.3% loss of product weight or 5.3% of the original product weight was moisture driven off) then it conveyed very well through the dense phase conveyor.

The video shows how much the wet Spodumene binds to itself in the video of loading and conveying and then how easily it flows once dried out (but more dusty to handle once dried).

Fly Ash Dense Phase Conveyor

Filquip was engaged to specify, supply and commission a Fly Ash Dense Phase Conveyor to transport 9TPH of product a distance of 40m from a Bulk Storage Silo to a Day Bin over the production line.

The system was designed to replace the older Lean Phase Conveying system which was experiencing significant wear and maintenance requirements resulting in shutdowns of the plant. The new Dense Phase Conveyor is designed for abrasive products and only has one simple moving part in the build for minimal maintenance.

The following equipment package was supplied by Filquip:

  • BARTOne 300 Dense Phase System 300L Vessel Capacity, Throughput capacity of 9,000kg/hr of Fly Ash at 40m distance.
  • Inclusive of Electrical Control and Air Control Panels and Pipeline Air Boosters for the Dense Phase System.
  • Extrac BA.1.1.1500 Bin Activator 1500mm diameter in Painted Mild Steel Build.
  • Drop Through Rotary Valve (Model RV10.20, CS, 1.1kW Motor).

View the Filquip Dense Phase Conveyor Range

Dense Phase Conveying Fly ash

Filquip Flyash Dense Phase Conveyor

Cement Loading Bellows for Isotainers

Filquip has completed the Design, Supply and Commissioning for a set of 4 Loading Bellows for existing cement silos on a mine site. The silos are used for bulk cement storage and they fill into individual isotainers which transport the cement to the underground section of the mine.

The new loading bellows provide a safe way for truck drivers to load the cement into the isotainers as the previous method was a hand operated valve and rubber sock. Drivers can now position their truck with Isotainer on the back under the bellows and use the remote pendant controller to lower the bellows outlet onto the inlet of the isotainer.

The integrated dust extractor ensures there is no dust released during the filling process.

The pneumatic actuated slide gate valve allows the operator to open the flow of product as they wish and shut if off as required along with the integrated level sensing in the loading bellows also automatically shutting off the valve and product flow when the Isotainer is full preventing overfilling and backing up into the chute.

The following specifications were included for the Loading Bellows:

  • Qty 4: BellowJet ZAMBA.25 Models with integrated Dust control extractor in the Unit
  • 0.55kW Winch Motor and 24v Reverse Pulse Automated Air Filter Cleaning System.
  • Integrated Level Indicators for Control Feedback to the Actuated Slide Gate Valve.
  • Inner and Outer Bellows system with wear resistant inner cones.
  • With anti-spillage closure cone that retracts to close the outlet after filling is completed
  • Stroke of 2260mm (4170mm extended length, 1910mm retracted length). 300mm diameter bellow.
  • 250 m3/hr Throughput Capacity.

Filquip Silo Loading Bellows for Cement

Mine site loading bellows

Quarry Stone Dust Wetting System

Filquip has recently worked with a quarry plant construction company to provide a Quarry Stone Dust Wetting System for the fines generated through the quarry screening processes.

The Filquip supplied Dustfix unit allows the plant to put the fine quarry stone dust onto a belt conveyor for stockpiling without all the excessive dust emissions generally associated with handling fine dusts on belt conveyors.

Filquip is proud to have supplied the following equipment for the Quarry Stone Dust Wetting System .

  • Dustfix Dust Conditioner (Dustfix 20 Model, 20m3/hr capacity)
  • TOREX Rotary Valve RV20.20
  • Tubular Screw Conveyor from Screen Deck Outlet to Dustfix Unit (TS.219 Model, DN200, 6000mm Long, Painted Mild Steel, SAC Screw – no hanger bearings)

Quarry Stone Dust Wetting System



Quarry Screen Deck Dust Extractor

Filquip has recently supplied a WAM FPHUT54 Dust Extractor with hopper and Chrome Bore RV05.10 Rotary Valve to control the dust generated in a quarry screen house.

The unit has been commissioned by Filquip and all parties are extremely pleased at the performance of the unit in controlling the dust emissions off the quarry screen deck.

Quarry Screen House Dust Extraction

Filquip Dust Extractor for Quarry Screen House


Stone and Ceramics Filter Press

Filter Presses Australia - FilquipFilquip is a supplier of filter presses for the Stone, Ceramics and Tile cutting industries. The filter press allows solids/liquids seperation of the suspended fines in the cutting water. The filtered cutting water can then be run through a final polishing filter or used directly back into the cutting wash water directly.

  • Pressing force up to 20MPa.
  • PP filter plates for corrosion resistance and elevated temperatures up to 70DegC.

Filquip also supplies filter press cloths in many varieties and sizes to suit your application.



Asphalt Plant Stone Dust Conditioning System

Filquip has recently worked with local installation contractors to specify and supply a system to out-load the excess stone from a Benninghoven Asphalt Plant. This Dust Conditioning system uses a screw conveyor to take the excess dust created in the asphalt process and condition it with water to minimise the release of dust during open truck filling for disposal.

This system results in a significant saving in ongoing costs for the Asphalt plant as they no longer require Vacuum Sucker Trucks to remove the Excess Stone Dust from the Silos.

Filquip was proud to supply the following equipment for this build:

  • Dustfix Dust Conditioner (Dustfix 20 Model, 20m3/hr capacity)
  • TOREX Rotary Valve RV20.20
  • Local control panel for system and water supply
  • Tubular Screw Conveyor from Silo Outlet to Dustfix Unit (TS.273 Model, DN250, 5620mm Long, Painted Mild Steel, 5.5kW Motor)

Filquip Ashplant Plant Excess Stone Dust Conditioner

Filquip Dustfix 20 Installation for Stone Dust



Brewery Grain Tip in Stations and Conveyors

Filquip has recently supplied some new Brewing Grain Conveying Systems. These two systems take the grain from tip in hoppers to their required destinations at the Brewery.

System 1 utilises a vacuum conveying system to move the grain from a Rotary Valve on the tip in station to a batching hopper with WAMFlo Dust Collector.

System 2 has a twin inlet WAM Horizontal Screw Conveyor with Vertical Screw Conveyor Combo allowing grain to be conveyed from the mill to the Grist Bin or grains to bypass the mill and be conveyed into the Grist Bin.

Brewery Grain Conveying Systems

Brewery Grain Screw Conveyors

Screw Conveyor Transfer Point Dust Control

Since 1999 Filquip have specialised in Dust Control for industrial applications including screw conveyor transfer points.

We recently completed a project with 12 conveyor transfer points that are all dust free now thanks to the sized and positioned dust collectors from Filquip.


Concrete Vibrators from OLI that fit Wacker Mounts

Filquip is pleased to introduce the new OLI External Electric High Frequency Vibrators for formworks and moulds. This new design allows precast plants to use quick release mounts that suit both OLI and Wacker vibrators. Therefore existing Wacker Vibrators can be replaced with our OLI series without modifications to your existing formwork and cradles.

High frequency electric vibrators are used in construction sites and in precast manufacturing plants to obtain high-quality products (exposed concrete), with excellent aesthetic results and weather resistance. The vibration is transmitted to the concrete indirectly through formworks or mould.

The OLI external electric vibrators are characterised by high operating efficiency and ease of installation. Specifically designed cradles reduce the time required for installing and repositioning.

Oli MVE Vibrator fits Wacker Vibrator Mounts

Product Features Product Benefits
• Centrifugal vibration force: 1373 kg
• RPM: 0 – 6000
• Frequency: 0 – 200Hz
• Available Voltages: 42V & 230/415
• Weight 11kgs • Suits the AR Range of Wacker Cradles
• High Operating Efficiency
• Cost Effective & Readily Available
• Premium quality bearings
• 1 Year Warranty

Product accessories include VSD Converters, Weld-in cradle mounts and Cable Connectors.

Oli Wacker Vibrator Cradle Mount

Concrete Vibrator 10 Way VSD Converter with Cables