Milk Powder Vacuum Conveyor and Dosing System

Milk Powder Vacuum Conveyor and Dosing System

Filquip with our partners has designed and supplied a new vacuum conveyor system with storage hopper and volumetric feeder system to transfer and dose milk powders in a dairy production plant.

The following Filquip equipment package was provided for this system:

  • FVC-5-NP Filquip Vacuum Loader unit (5.5kW, 65mm Suction Line Diameter).
  • 1.5m3 volume SS304 storage hopper with Vibration, Aeration and Load Cells Package.
  • WAM VLQ.0250.P3 SS304 Slide Gate Valve with CMG0250I Handwheel Actuation Kit.
  • WAM MBF042A SS304 Volumetric Dosing Microbatch Feeder with Outlet Pneumatic Closure Valve. Sized for dosing at a rate of 1.2 L/min.

Milk Powder Vacuum Conveyor

Milk Powder Vacuum Loader

Milk Powder Feeder