Centralised Industrial Vacuum System

Centralised Industrial Vacuum System

Filquip has supplied, installed and commissioned a Centralised Industrial Vacuum System for a Flour Mill with the system running 150m in total length over 6 building floors in the plant with 20 pickup points.

The following equipment package was designed, supplied and commissioned:

  • Installation of SS304 Piping, Eurac Pipe Clamps, Nozzle Heads and Wands.
  • Twin 7.5kW Vacuum Blowers.
  • Negative Pressure Dust Collector for the Filter Receiver (FNS3J22D).
  • SS304 Support Frame – Customised to Site Location.
  • Rotary Valve Airlock for vacuumed feeding product into a bulk bag (RVR05.20).

The technical experience of Filquip in sizing the pipe runs and velocities has allowed the one Centralised Industrial Vacuum System to draw from these 20 locations through the 6 levels of the plant as opposed to needing multiple Vacuum Systems to service the whole plant.

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