Rotating Drum Screens

Filquip supplies Coarse and Fine Rotating Drum Screens and Pre-MBR Rotating Drum Screens to Water Treatment Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants and Industrial Liquid Waste processing facilities.

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VSA Savi Drum Screens AustraliaSavi SPIRAMATIC VSA Reotaing Drum Screen MBRSAVI Rotating Drum Screens Pre-MBR VSA Series

The Pre-MBR Spiramatic VSA Rotating Drum Screens consist of a rotating drum screen, a conveyor screw, and a compaction zone. The fine screen drum can be made up of a set of steel bars as wedge wire to determines the desired slot width or of a perforated sheet with fixed perforation hole diameter to control the screening. The cylindrically shaped drum can be placed inside a channel at the inlet works or a fabricated tank.

They are designed to wash organic matter from the fines and screenings collected while being self cleaning. The cylindrical rotating drum screens, capture the screenings and deposit them into the internal outloading screw conveyor hopper. A set of spray nozzles washes the filter while brushes operate the ensure optimal cleaning during operation.

The screw conveyor takes the screenings from the VSA unit to the discharge chute at the top of the machine, where they can be deposited into a shaftless auger or screenings handling system such as the Savi VSP Washer/Compactor.

  • Models to suit channel widths from 600mm to 3000mm wide.
  • Pre-MBR Perforated Plate Filter with 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm or 3mm round holes.
  • Non MBR applications available with 0.5mm – 6mm Wedge Wire or Perforated Plate filters with 1mm – 6mm round holes.
  • Flow rates up to 1,400 L/s (5,040 m³/hour).
  • The unit design includes the triple face seal for the maximum capture of fines.
  • Spray bars and cleaning brushes are utilised together for optimal filter screen cleaning.
  • Available with sliding stainless steel or aluminium covers.
  • Available in Stainless Steel 304 or 316.

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Open Savi Rotating Drum Screens VSA Datasheet

Open Savi VSA Rotating Drum Screens Brochure

Wastemaster moveable water treatment plantSpeco modular water treatment plantSPECO Combined Mechanical Pre-Treatment Screening Systems

The Speco Wastemaster series of mechanical pre-treatment systems utilise their own self-supporting tank to extract solids from the waste stream and compact these for disposal or reuse. The Wastemaster series is ideal for septage receival stations or pre-septic tank operations.

  • The Wastemaster TSF1/TSB1 consists of a Screen, Solids conveying screw and Compactor and can handle flow rates up to 30 L/S.
  • The Wastemaster TSF2/TSB2 consists of a Screen, Solids conveyor screw, Compactor and Sand Separator and can handle flow rates up to 30L/s.
  • The Wastemaster TSF3/TSB3 consists of a Screen, Solids conveyor screw, Compactor, Sand separator and Grease remover and can handle