Lime Dosing System – Gibson Island WTP

Lime Dosing System – Gibson Island WTP

Filquip was awarded the contract for the Design and Construction of the Lime Dosing System for the Gibson Island Water Treatment Plant.

The following equipment package was supplied, installed and commissioned:

  • Two Lime Silos (125m3 Capacity Each).
  • Lime Silo Bin Activators (One per Lime Silo).
  • Two Microbatch Volumetric Feeders (MBF114 Model with Turndown Range 0.007 m3/min – 0.066 m3/min).
  • Two Dosing Pumps (35 m3/hr each).
  • Two Mixing Tanks (Stainless Steel 316, 12m3 volume each).
  • Silo Pressure Relief Valves.
  • Two Round FS4J39 Silo Dust Collectors (39m2 Cartridge Unit).
  • Silo Load Cells and Weight Transmitter System.
  • Silo Overfill Protection Systems.

The experience of Filquip with lime dosing systems allows us to design packages that minimise the common lime problems associated with Blockages and Scale build up.

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