Flyash Silo Bin Activator for Gyprock Plant

FlyAsh Silo Bin Activator for Gyprock Plant

Filquip has specified and supplied a new Fly Ash Silo Bin Activator System to a Gyprock plant with Rotary Valve on the outlet better product flow and product flow control.

The following specifications were included for the Bin Activators

  • Model EXTRAC BA.1.1.1500
  • Painted Mild Steel Construction.
  • Supplied with Torex RV10.10.1 Rotary Valve
  • Fitted with MVE400/3 Electrical Vibrator.
  • SINT polymer gasket material.

This Bin Activator ensures a consistent mass flow of Fly Ash out of the storage silo into the weight belt feeder setup in the Gypsum Board Plant.

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Filquip Flyash Bin Activator