Septage Receival Stations

Saveco Septage Receival Stations

The VFA DM series is a range septage receival stations consisting of a dual motor drive system, perforated plate drum screen complete with screw conveyor and compaction zone, all installed in a tank for connection to pipework or septic tanker trucks. Named “The Beast” by the engineers who created the system for its ability to to handle all items thrown at it including rocks, rag, sticks and dirt.

  • Solid wastes are separated, washed and compacted.
  • Self cleaning screen and dewatering zone.
  • Three sizes available for a range of flow rates up to 200,000 L/hr
  • Available in 304L Stainless Steel or 316L Stainless Steel
  • Optional inlet pipe flow meter and 4″ size perrot coupling (multiple inlet connectors available)

Effluent Receival Station

Open Savi VFA DM Septage Reciever Station Brochure