Hazardous Area IECEX Brewery Grain Bulk Bag Unloaders

Hazardous Area IECEX Brewery Grain Bulk Bag Unloaders

Filquip has designed, supplied, installed and commissioned a new set of two Bulk Bag Unloaders to handle brewery grains and further automate the brewery process. The Bulk Bag Unloaders have hoist systems that allow the brewers to load the bags of Wheat Malt and Rolled Wheat into the frames where they then discharge automatically through slide gate valves into the weigh hoppers on load cells.

The weigh hoppers each hold 800L of grain which is enough for multiple brews. When required the operators specify the weight of grain required and the load cells and rotary valve meter out the grain until the correct weight has been decanted into the conveyor below into the mill.

The following Filquip equipment package was provided for this Hazardous Area IECEX Brewery Grain Bulk Bag Unloader System:

  • Two SBB-HFF Bulk Bag Unloaders with Monorail and Electrical Crane Hoists
  • Two Pneumatic Slide Gate Valves (IECEX Coils) for Automated weigh hopper refilling
  • Two 800L Stainless Steel 304 Weigh Hoppers on Load Cells with Weight Indicators
  • Two RV02.20 Rotary Valves with IECEX Hazardous Area Motor for loss in weight feeding
  • Two Pneumatic Control Panels for simplicity of the compressed air controls.
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