Coffee Bean Vacuum Loader

Coffee Bean Vacuum Loader

Filquip has designed, supplied and commissioned a Coffee Bean Vacuum Loader to transport Green Coffee Beans from 20kg and 70kg bags on the floor up into a coffee roaster or hopper. The system uses a suction wand which allows the staff to move the coffee beans without the risk physical injury through incorrect lifting techniques.

The following specifications were included for the Vacuum Loading System:

  • Polished 304 Stainless Steel Construction.
  • 2m Discharge Height with 3m Flexible Suction Hose with Wand.
  • Mobile Conveying Unit on Lockable wheels.
  • Single Start Button for automatic operation.
  • 6 Models available up to 6m3/hr throughput.
  • Available in 240V or Three Phase Power.

The implementation of this new coffee bean vacuum loading system has saved considerable time for the Coffee Roasters as they no longer need to carry the large bags of coffee beans from pallets up to the coffee roasting equipment.

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