Dust Extractors

Filquip is a bulk materials handling equipment supplier with specialist experience in industrial dust extractors. As the Queensland distributor and agent for WAM and their patented dust control systems which are renowned worldwide Filquip can provide systems from small hopper dust vents to large quarry crusher dust extraction systems.

Round dust collector with cartridgesWamflo round dust collectorWamflo Dust Extractors

The Wamflo dust extractors are a flanged round unit designed for extraction of any kind of dust in virtually all industrial sectors. Available with a variety of Fan sizes and configurations.

  • Filtration surface areas from 2m² to 44m².
  • Range of bag and cartridge filter options.
  • Robust stainless steel 304 body.
  • Option of Front access door or top entry for filter maintenance.
  • Available as a hazardous area dust collector.

The Wamflo has maintenance free automatic reverse air jet cleaning of the cartridges to return collected dust to the silo.

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Rectangular insertable dust collectorWamair polygonal dust collectorWamair Polygonal Dust Extractors

The Wamair polygonal dust extractor is a flanged unit designed for dustextraction in virtually all industrial sectors with its lower profile build.

  • Air volumes up to 9,000m³/hr.
  • Filtration surface areas from 3m² to 70m².
  • Optional vertical or horizontal filter elements.
  • Robust stainless steel 304 body.
  • Available as a hazardous area dust collector.

The Wamair has maintenance free automatic reverse air jet cleaning of the cartridges.

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WAM Tecu Fume and sparks collectorFume collector and filterTecu Fume and Dust Extractors for Metal Processing

The Tecu is a modular filter designed for the extraction of fumes and dust generated by metal processing, oxy cutting and sand blasting works. The negative pressure from the suction fan draws the fumes through the specialised filter elements inside the filter unit.

  • Air volumes from 4,000m³/hr to 24,000m³/hr.
  • Filtration surface areas from 74m² to 444m².

The Tecu system is easily compatible with Recofil and Easyfill systems to remove operation and maintenance cleaning requirements as well as recovering product.

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Cement batching plant dust collectorWAM Drybatch dust collectorWAM Drybatch Dust Extractors

The Drybatch dust collector is specifically designed to capture and filter the dusty air generated during concrete truck loading and mixing processes in batch plants. It is the ideal dust control solution for the concrete and cement industries.

  • Filtration surface area 54m² with an 11kW fan.
  • The body and door are made from Stainless Steel 304 and the frame from painted mild steel.

The Drybatch dust extractor has maintenance free automatic reverse air jet cleaning of the cartridges.

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Mobile Welding Fume Extractor

The Filquip Fume 200 is a mobile welding fume extractor with 1 or 2 dirty air collection arms that can be positioned at the working space. The extractor is designed to collect the harmful substances in welding smoke and other fabricating activities which can include:

Portable Welding Fume CollectorThe dirty air is drawn in through the arm into the filter housing where it hits the flow distribution plates and changes direction.  Then the air flow goes upward which causes the heavier particles to drop out of the air flow before hitting the filter.  The remaining fine dust and fumes go through the filter cartridge and are filtered out. The clean air is exhausted through the exhaust silencer.

The filter elements are horizontally loaded, the filter media is high efficiency Nano-web with fire retardant treatment in case of sparks which may pass into the fume collector. The filter media ensures the dust cleaning efficiency and prolongs the service life.

  • The mobile welding fume extractor is a low noise, high efficiency and high air flow unit.
  • Available in the FUME-150 with 1500m3/hr airflow, 2.2kW Motor and 1 fume arm (Dimensions 740 x 1150 x 1285mm)
  • Available in the FUME-200 with 2000m3/hr airflow, 3.0kW Motor and 2 fume arms (Dimensions 740 x 1150 x 1285mm)
  • Available in the FUME-300 with 3500m3/hr airflow, 4.0kW Motor and 2 fume arms (Dimensions 740 x 1150 x 1725mm)
  • The unit comes on lockable wheels for mobility around the facility.
  • The unit comes complete with in-built reverse pulse cleaning ability.
  • Simple control panel provided for ease of operator use.

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Dust filter bagsReplacement dust collector cartridgesFilter Replacements

Filquip can supply dust filter bags or cartridges for almost any system. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver solutions for the dirtiest, stickiest, hottest and nastiest products. General enquiries and challenges to find solutions to dust collector and bag house problems are welcomed.

Round and Square Flange Rotary VlavesTorex Rotary Valves RVS RVCTOREX Rotary Valves

Filquip provides a range of TOREX rotary valves to provide an airlock on a dust collector outlet, meter solids from a hopper or silo or place product into a blower pneumatic conveying system.

  • Drop through and Blow through options in Cast iron, Stainless Steel 304 & 316, Chromed, Teflon and Nickel plated.
  • Round inlet diameters of 150,200,250 & 300mm.
  • Square inlet dimensions of 150,200,250 & 300mm.
  • Rectangular inlet dimensions of 170×122, 238×135, 276×148, 377×196, 470×240 & 569x284mm.
  • Capacities of 2, 5, 10, 20, 35 & 80 L/Rev.
  • Working Temperatures from -40°C to 150°C.

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Double Flap ValveWAM VDC Double Dump ValveWAM Double Dump Valve VDC

VDC Double Dump Valves consist of a robust casing and two alternately activated flaps, one installed on top of the other

  • An ideal solution for controlled discharging of particularly high temperature or abrasive, large particle size materials.
  • Square Inlets from 200×200 to 500x500mm.
  • Throughput capacities from 1.2 to 17.7m³/hr with a working temperature up to 500°C.

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