Precast Concrete Vibration

Fresh concrete does not compact and release air bubbles trapped within the mix without vibration. Filquip supplies a range of Precast Concrete Vibration Equipment to overcome the poor fluidity and internal friction within the fresh concrete to release the air bubbles and compact the concrete mix.

Along with the surfacing of the trapped air bubbled within the concrete mix, Vibration also provides the following advantages:

Concrete Consolidation Vibrators

  • Reduction of cavities through the vibrational displacement of the aggregates to achieve a homogeneous concrete mix prior to setting.
  • Greater adhesion of the concrete to the reinforcing bars or any internal structural members as well as the base anchors.
  • Reduces concrete porosity and permeability to water.
  • Reduces cracks occurring in the concrete.
  • Completes filling of the whole formwork by increasing the fluidity of the concrete mix, resulting and higher aesthetic finishes of the concrete surface.

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Electric Precast Concrete VibratorOLI Electric Precast Concrete Vibrators

Filquip is a supplier of High Frequency Electric Vibrators for concrete consolidation.

The high frequency vibration delivered from Oli Electrical Precast Concrete Vibrators, through the formwork or mould achieves excellent concrete aesthetic results and weather resistance.

The electrical current spins the internal eccentric weights of the vibrator motor developing the vibrations for concrete consolidation. The fixed frequency models have been developed specifically to deliver the best concrete consolidation results at 3000 Vibrations per Minute for Low Speed Models and 6000 Vibrations per Minute for High Speed Models.

  • Vibratory force (centrifugal force) output from 294Kg to 2,600Kg.
  • Low speed vibrators for high density un-reactive concretes which allow a fast displacement of the aggregates.
  • High speed vibrators for low density concretes where a high surface quality is required.
  • Designed for continuous use.
  • Designed for quick bolting or coupling to formworks or moulds allowing simple and easy movement of the units.

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Open OLI Electric Precast Concrete Vibrator Datasheet – Cradle Mounted

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Formwork electric vibrator

Concrete Form Vibration for Beams






Concrete Formwork Pneumatic VibratorOLI Pneumatic Precast Concrete Vibrators

Filquip is a supplier of high speed pneumatic vibrators for precast concrete vibration.

These external pneumatic vibrators have no electrical components and are powered from compressed air alone. The compressed air spins the rotors inside the vibrator housing between 10,000 and 12,000 Vibrations per Minute.

  • Vibratory force (Centrifugal force) output from 720Kg to 6,118Kg.
  • Low frequency vibration for large aggregate concrete containing pebbles or gravel (10,000 Vibrations per Minute).
  • High frequency vibration for concrete with more fine granules such as cement and sand (20,000 Vibrations per Minute).
  • No electrical components, only air required.
  • Designed for quick bolting or coupling to formworks or moulds allowing simple and easy movement of the units.

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Pneumatic Precast Concrete Vibrators

Concrete Form Vibration for Columns

EWO Electric Concrete NeedleVHN Electric Concrete PokerElectric Concrete Pokers

Filquip supplies a range of high frequency internal concrete pokers and converters. These high frequency immersion vibrators come into direct contact with the concrete.

The eccentric mass located within the needle is rotated through the protected electrical current to generate the vibration of the needle. The robust design and constant rotational speed delivered are critical to effective concrete consolidation. The 12,000 Vibrations per Minute speed is the tested ideal rate for proper concrete compaction.

OLI electrical concrete pokers are:

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Easy to maintain
  • Free from Overheating
  • Robust providing a long life for the vibrating needle head.
  • Available in the 240V EWO high frequency model that has its own built in converter (Lightweight at only 3kg).
  • VHN and VHP ranges come with 5m protection hose, 10m electric cable and IP66 Key Pad Switch.
  • Available in head diameters from 38 – 65mm across the range.
  • Nominal Frequency of 12,000 Vibrations per minute.
  • Centrifugal force of 1,700 to 7,330N across the range.
  • The oli concrete needles come with an exclusive sealing system and hardened needle treatment.
  • High frequency vibrator converters available in Single outlet – single phase, Dual outlet – single or three phase and Three outlet – three phase.

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Compressed Air Concrete PokersHigh Frequency Compressed Air Concrete Poker – VHA Series

The VHA Series of high frequency pneumatic concrete pokers operate on compressed air at 6bar to provide a high working efficiency under safe conditions.

  • VHA range comes with 2m SBR rubber hose (Optional up to 6m length available)
  • Quick Connect Fittings and filter included
  • Available in 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm and 105mm diameter poker heads.
  • Eccentric Rotor Vibration Generation with no moving parts in the hose
  • No moving parts in the hose = Maintenance Free Operation
  • No moving parts in the hose = Less vibration on the hands and arms of the operator
  • Can work out of concrete without overheating

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CM Electro Mechanical Converters for High Frequency CMM Electromechanical Converter

The CM Electro Mechanical frequency converters are equipped with permanent magnets, specifically designed to continuously power high frequency concrete vibrators.
In order to consolidate the wet concrete on the construction site, a light, flexible and easy-to-use tool is often required. One which can be connected directly to the common, single-phase power lines (240 Volt, 50Hz).

In order to solve this necessity, the CM range has been developed to convert the standard mains power into the high frequency power required by the concrete vibrators.

  • Designed to power high frequency electrical concrete consolidation vibrators.
  • Designed for Continuous Operation Class S1.
  • Insulation Class F with Overload Protection.
  • Smooth and Robust Cast Aluminium Body with Fan Forced Cooling.
  • CMM11 Model 240V 50Hz Single Phase 11A
  • CMM15 Model 240V 50Hz Single Phase 15A
  • CMM25 Model 240V 50Hz Single Phase 25A
  • CMT25 Model 415V 50Hz Three Phase 25A
  • CMT35 Model 415V 50Hz Three Phase 35A
  • CMT55 Model 415V 50Hz Three Phase 55A
  • CMT85 Model 415V 50Hz Three Phase 85A

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CM Converter for Electric Pokers

Formwork Vibrator CradleFormwork Vibrator ClampVibrator Clamps and CradlesVibrator cradle

The Clamps and Cradles are ideal for positioning vibrators on formwork in the locations required specific to that form or mould, while still being able to detach the vibrator and move it between forms, saving costs on vibrators.

  • CLW Series as a Clamp for wooden form works.
  • CLS Series as a Clamp for steel form works.
  • CRS Series as a Cradle for steel concrete moulds.

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Vibration Sizing and Specification

Filquip and Oli provide a specialised technical advice to the precast concrete sector for the specification, sizing, positioning and operation of Electric and Pneumatic Precast Concrete Vibrators.

Our goal is always to provide top level service to support our customers to achieve the highest levels of Precast concrete production.

Precast Concrete Vibration Design Layout