240V Electric Vibrators

240V Electric Vibrators

OLI Vibrators now manufactures and distributes the Visam 240V electric vibrators product range. This has enabled Filquip to provide larger electric motovibrators in the sought-after single phase (240 volt) range.

Our 240 Volt vibrators have been produced with a centrifugal force range of 4 kg of 321 kg. While the Visam product offers four larger models with maximum centrifugal forces of 500kg, 800kg, 1000kg & 1350kg all with IP66 mechanical protection rating.

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240V Electric Vibrators

Electric Vibrator Channel MountsElectric Vibrator Mounts

Filquip has a range of vibrator mounting channels and plates with pre-set studs and tapped holes to suit a range of vibrators.

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Electric Vibrator Channel Mount Installation