Bulk Bag Fillers

Filquip is the Queensland agent for WAM and their Extrac division which manufacture FIBC Bulk Bag Fillers. The RBB Bulk Bag Filling stations are simple to use and dust free thanks to their bag neck sealer and bag inflation devices. These units are also known as Bulk Bag Loaders.

Bulk Bag FillersExtrac RBB Bulk Bag LoadersEXTRAC Bulk Bag Fillers RBB

The EXTRAC RBB Bulk Bag Fillers use a steel support frame with telescopic tubes allowing height adjustment to adapt to different bulk bag dimensions.

WAM FIBC Bulk Bag Fillers enable the efficient filling of bulk bags. The empty FIBC Bulk Bag is attached to the four stretchers in the upper corners of the frame. The bag inlet is then pulled over the loading spout and filling can start once the seal around the bag inlet is inflated. As the Bag fills the corner stretchers extend to ensure efficient filling of the whole bag. Once the FIBC Bulk Bag is filled it can be removed from the steel frame and transferred to its further destination.
  • Available in Carbon steel, Stainless steel 304 and Stainless steel 316.
  • Filquip offers platform scales and PLC system for Bulk Bag Fillers by weight with weight data logging.
  • Dust Free due to the bag neck inflatable seal.
  • Optional Blower available for bag inflation before filling.

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EXTRAC Easyfill Bulk Bag Fillers

The EXTRAC Easy Fill System is a special bulk bag filling system which receives pneumatically conveyed dust from the Recofil system or other lean phase blower system.

The Easyfill system can collect dust from up to 4 Recofil pneumatic conveying systems simultaneously. The system consists of a steel frame and a bulk bag filling head which includes a semi-automatic system for bag sealing preventing dust leakage during filling.
  • Allows the re-use of the product dust into plant processes minimising waste.
  • The equipment folds up and is easy for transport.
  • Allows simple bagging of waste dusts in an easy form for diaposal.
  • Adjustable height frame to handle up to an 1850mm tall FIBC bulk bag.
  • Reverse Pulse automatic cleaned dust filter included

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