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Hydro Power Generation ScrewsHydro Power Generation Screws PAEHydro Power Generation Screws

The Roncuzzi PAE Type Hydro Power Generation Screws product electricity from flowing water streams including those of limited height and moderate flow rates. Inspired by the Archimedes Screw, our Hydro Power Generation Screws exploit the difference in potential energy of water between two points on a downhill course. The minimum exploitable height/head is 1m, with a single hydrodynamic screw handling up to 9,000 L/s producing up to 500 kWh. Multiple PAE Hydro Power Generation Screws can be installed in parallel for handling higher flow rates and producing more electricity.

The operation of the Hydrodynamic Screws ensure consistent efficiency even in the cases with strong variations in water flow, without any adjustment the screw automatically adapts to the network frequency and water flow resulting in an efficiency that cannot be matched by and other type of Turbine.

Worldwide Roncuzzi PAE Hydropower Screws have produced more than 117,0160,000kWh of Electricity, saving more than 51,500 T of CO2.

  • Low environmental impact due to the close proximity of the intake to the outlet of the Screw.
  • Installations allow fish to pass the system unharmed.
  • Able to be installed to take advantage of excess water in an existing intake.
  • Able to exploit process water flows for power generation from mills, water treatment plant outlets and other processes.
  • Able to be used on the outlets of traditional Hydropower Facilities to generate further power.
  • Suitable to replace older turbines that have high maintenance costs.
  • No requirements for fine rakes or fine screens.
  • The start-up time for a Hydro Power Generation Screw is considerable quicker than any other type of Hydropower Turbine.
  • Packages include a wide range of control and data transmission systems for remote operation with real-time information.

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