PAC Dosing System – Mudgeeraba WTP

PAC Dosing System – Mudgeeraba WTP

Filquip was awarded the contract for the Design and Construction of the PAC Dosing System Powder Handling at the Mudgeeraba Water Treatment Plant.

The following equipment package was supplied, installed and commissioned:

  • PAC Storage Silo (15m3 Capacity).
  • Silo Dust Extraction unit – Ducted into the PAC Bulk Bag Unloader.
  • PAC Bulk Bag Unloader with Dust Extraction to the Storage Silo.
  • VE-At Horizontal and Vertical Screw Conveyor Combination (ES219 Models)
  • Microbatch Volumetric Feeder (MBF073A Model with Turndown Range 0.0018 m3/min – 0.015 m3/min).
  • Silo Pressure Relief Valve.
  • Silo Overfill Protection System.

This PAC unloading, storage and metering system was designed to be a small footprint system resulting the use of the Horizontal & Vertical Screw Conveyor system to fill the Storage Silo from Bulk Bags of PAC while fitting into the existing WTP facility and mixing tank.

View the Filquip Dense Volumetric Dosing Feeders Range