Modular Silos

Filquip can provide Modular Slios that are in a bolt together panel form allowing construction inside a factory or building without removing the roof. Filquip also supplies traditional welded silos to the materials handling industry.

Silofab bolt together siloModular Silos

Filquip supplies Bolt together Modular silos packages including all of the required Silo “Jewellery” to meet Australian Standards for pressure relief, dust controlled venting and level monitoring.

Silofab Modular Silos are designed and engineered according to international standards in force related to wind, snow, and seismic activities. These bolt together silos are made from  carefully selected materials and the industrial manufacturing processes results in a high-quality product in the tradition of artisan expertise.

The SPG 35 series of Silofab Modular Silos are designed for economic shipping and require short assembly time. The nature of these silos require minimum maintenance  and the finish and construction details guarantee sealing.

  • Bolt together Silos allow modular construction inside a building without removing the roof.
  • Bolt together silo options from 35m³ to 125 m³.
  • Modular system that simplifies shipping, installation and dismantling.
  • International distribution and service network.Silofab Silos Filquip

Modular Silos














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Welded SilosFabricated Silos 

Filquip supplies fabricated silo packages including all of the required Silo “Jewellery” to Australian Standards including dust vents, pressure relief, level probes, silo monitoring systems,  access ladders and platforms.

Our custom designed and fabricated Silos can be made in any capacity, height or diameter required.

Filquip works with FSI Engineering to deliver Fabricated Silos.

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Silo bin activatorExtrac Bin ActivatorEXTRAC Bin Activator

The EXTRAC Bin Activator is a silo discharging device that creates controlled vibration in middle of the product column for continuous extraction with optimal mass flow.

  • Available in Stainless steel 304, Carbon steel or Carbon steel with food grade paint.
  • Seamless discharge cone.
  • ATEX Zone 21 & 22 certified versions available.
  • Gasket made from wear-resistant SINT engineering polymer.

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Silo Filling protection systemSilo Overfill Protection System

Filquip can supply a tailored silo overfill protection system to suit any system, to prevent dangerous over pressurisation and over filling, while eliminating dust emissions.

  • Avoid damage to silo and accessories.
  • Reduce the risk of air pollutions.
  • Eliminate the risk of filling the incorrect silo.
  • Start and stop the filter cleaner automatically.
  • Systems can be tailored to suit applications including the need for Pressure monitoring, Over pressure or vacuum release valves, Fill control, Dust control and Operator destination selection panel.

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