Mobile Polyethylene Beads Transfer System

Mobile Polyethylene Beads Transfer System

Filquip has designed, Fabricated, Supplied and Commissioned a Mobile Polyethylene Beads Transfer system to convey the PE beads from Bulk Bags or from Containers into site silos.

The following equipment package was supplied by Filquip all on a mobile skid frame:

  • 30kW Positive Pressure Blower with Acoustic Enclosure.
  • Half Height Bulk Bag Unloader with Truck Fitting Spout.
  • Rotary Valve (Model RV35.20, SS304, 1.5kW Motor, Capacity 33m3/hr).
  • Galvanised Skid and SS304 Piping Fork-Liftable (4800 x 1600mm).
  • Local Control Panel (MCC and PLC) all prewired with Local Junction Box.

The use of this system has saved the customer the additional costs of the container delivery companies “Suck and Blow” Conveyor system mounted onto the truck and given them a range of product contained supplier options resulting in an annual cost saving of $200,000.

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