Industrial Mobile Vacuum Skids

Filquip designs, fabricates, commissions and supplies a range of Industrial Mobile Vacuum Skids which suck up waste product from the floors and walls of the plant/facility and deposits it into a Bulk Bag for safe removal or sieving for re-use.

The Filquip mobile industrial vacuum skid includes modular replaceable equipment for maintenance and has the following features:

  • Up to 30m Vacuum Distance with Flexible hose and wand attachments provided
  • 7.5kW Vacuum Blower and integrated control panel with overfill high level shutdown
  • Automatic Reverse Pulse Cleaned Dust Collector for the Filter Receiver (FNS2J12)
  • Fabricated Skid Frame for Forklift movement or can be mounted on a trailer
  • Rotary Valve Airlock for vacuumed feeding product into a bulk bag (RVR02.20)

Filquip Mobile Industrial Vacuum Skid

Industrial Mobile Vacuum Skids

Filquip Mobile Industrial Vacuum System