Lime Silo Bin Activators

Lime Silo Bin Activators

Filquip has specified and supplied many Hydrated Lime, Quick Lime, Ag Lime and Lime Silo Bin Activators around Australia for industrial, agricultural and water treatment plant purposes.

This case study focuses on the Gibson Island Waste Water Treatment Plant in Brisbane and the Hydrated Lime Bin Activator on the Filquip supplied Silo System.

  • Model BA.1.1.1800
  • Painted Mild Steel Construction.
  • Fitted with twin MVE1600/3 Electrical Vibrators
  • SINT polymer gasket material.

This Bin Activator ensures a consistent mass flow of Hydrated Lime out of the storage silo into the Lime Slurry Dosing System below (Also designed, supplied and installed by Filquip).

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Lime Silo Bin Activator

Hydrated Lime Silo Bin Activator for Flow