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Filquip offers a range of filter cartridges for almost any collector unit including Dustcotech Filters. Filquip can manufacture filter cartridges to provide a solution to any cartridge filter problem. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver filtration solutions for the dirtiest, stickiest, hottest and nastiest products.

  • Snap ring, Bottom screw-in, Standard plain end, Flanged plain end, Tri-lobe style top cap options available.
  • Metal, Polymer/plastic cap and Moulded base matching pleat bottom cap options available.
  • HEPA filters and HVAC general filters available.

Some of the replacement dust collector filters we manufacture and stock are compatible with:

  • Dustcotech ES1000 replacement filters.
  • Clyde-Apac replacement filter cartridges.
  • Air Systems dust collector replacement filters.
  • DCS Filters.
  • Consonic Dust Filters.
  • Colortronic Filters.Replacement Torit Filter CartridgeTri-lobe Replacement Filter Cartridge
  • Mix Dust Collector Cartridges.
  • DCE Siloair Replacement Cartridges.
  • DCE Unicell Replacement Panel Filters.
  • DCE Torit dust collector replacement filters.
  • Camfill Torit dust collector replacement filters.
  • Fowler Rex dust collector replacement filters.
  • WAM Dust Collector Cartridges.
  • Sigrist replacement cartridges.
  • Scutti replacement filters.
  • Nederman replacment filters.
  • Tylden Filter Replacements.
  • Micropul Filter Replacements.
  • Moreflo Filter Cartridges.
  • Van Aalst replacement cartridges.

General enquiries and challenges to find solutions to dust collector and bag house problems are welcomed.

Filquip Replacement Dust Collector Filter Cartridges Range