PVC Dense Phase Conveying

PVC Dense Phase Conveying

Filquip has supplied a PVC Dense Phase Conveying system that transfers the mixed PVC from the cooler to the storage hoppers before the extrusion lines. The project involved the Design, Supply and Commissioning of a the Dense Phase systems to fit into the pit underneath the existing cooler systems and convey the PVC powders a distance of 60m at a rate of 20 TPH.

The following equipment package was supplied:

  • Dense Phase Transfer System (BART One 900 System).
  • Receiver Silotop Dust Collectors.
  • Compressed Air Receiver.
  • Dense Phase Air Supply Boosters.

This dense phase conveying system provides the customer a solution to transporting the specific mixed PVC product at 20TPH from the mixer cooler 60m to each of three Injection Silos without product stratification and reduced wear on the pipelines.

View the Filquip Dense Phase Conveyor Range