Belt Conveyor Transfer Point Dust Extraction System

Belt Conveyor Dust Extraction Systems

Filquip was engaged by an engineering contractor to specify and supply a dust extractor for a belt transfer point at a quarry following a Barmac crusher. The transfer point between the belt conveyors generated dust clouds after the rocks had been crushed by the Barmac unit releasing dust.

Filquip specified and supplied a FPHT.R.24 Filter Bag Dust Extractor with 4kw Fan Motor which was mounted on the belt transfer point to extract the dust generated and agglomerate it to larger/heavier particle sizes and return it to the belt. The covering of the belt conveyor back to the Barmac Crusher creates a suction funnel to draw dust down through the crusher and into the Dust Extractor.

Dust from belt conveyer


Belt Conveyor Transfer Point Dust Extractor