Flap Diverter Valves for Powders and Granules

Filquip is an Australian distributor of Vertical Gravity Fed Flap Diverter Valves for Powders and Granules. We supply these gravity Diverter valves in a wide range of sizes and orientations including 2-way and 3-way types and Symmetric (Y diverter) and A-Symmetric (K Diverter) versions.

Our Diverter valves provide safe and reliable control of product flow from hoppers, silos, tanks and mechanical transport systems. Our diverters are suitable for abrasive powders and granules with optional finishes in Painted Mild Steel, Hardox hard wearing steel, Stainless Steel 304 and Stainless Steel 316.

Filquip has recently specifed and supplied a two new 400mm Square 2-way 45 deg Symmetric (Y style) diverter valves with Hardox wear resistant body and Hardox diverter flap. The units are Pneumatically Actuated with 24VDC Coils, and PNP 3-wire Limit switches.

Hardox wear resistance building products diverter valve    Flap Diverter Valves for Powders and Granules