Tipping container unloading system

Filquip supplies tipping container unloading systems for the transferring of powders and granules from containers into Storage Silos. One of our systems completed has been sized to fully decant a container of PVC powder into one of 4 different silos in 45 minutes.

The following equipment package was supplied:

  • Container Unloading Chute and Screw Conveyor.
  • Intermediate hopper between Screw Conveyor and Dense Phase Conveyor (2m3).
  • Dense Phase Transfer System (12TPA500).
  • Bulk Bag Unloader system for additional feed from bulk bags into the storage silos.

This tipping container unloading system from Filquip saves the customer considerable cost on specialised container suck/blow unloading trucks as simple container tipping trucks can be utilised to deliver raw materials. Along with providing a dust free bulk bag unloading system giving flexibility of raw material procurement options to the company. The system transfers full 20T Container loads of PVC or Calcium Carbonate up to 60m to four different selectable silo locations in 45 minutes.

Container Unloading and Transfer System

Container Unloading System