Mixer Tip in Station Dust Extractor

Filquip has recently supplied a FNS2J12 Dust Extractor to a customer as part of an upgrade with the tip in system to their mixer. Previously staff opened the mixer lid and split the bags on the edge of the mixer to pour the bags into the mixing chamber. This created a dust hazard when pouring the bags which Filquip was asked to advise in a Dust Control Solution.

The devised solution included along with the Dust Extractor unit itself, an upgrade to the lid of the mixer to include a hood with perspex doors allowing the new dust extractor installed above to capture the dust generated and contained within the hood. Once the doors are closed after the bags are emptied then the dust collector can reverse pulse clean the dust from the filters into the mixer, therefore no product is lost from the system.

Dust Extractor for Tip in Station

Filquip Dust Extractor for Mixer Tip in Station