Dust Extractors

Filquip is a bulk materials handling equipment supplier with specialist experience in industrial dust extractors. As the Queensland distributor and agent for WAM and their patented dust extraction systems which are renowned worldwide Filquip can provide systems from small hopper dust vents to large quarry crusher dust extraction systems.

  • Industrial and Food Grade Dust Extraction Systems specific to suit the needs of your plant, including hazardous area rated dust extraction units.
  • Modular and fixed systems available
  • Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Dust Extraction systems or any of these steps individually.
  • Filquip can supply dust filter bags or cartridges for almost any existing system.

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver dust extraction solutions for the dirty, sticky, hot and difficult dust problems.

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Filquip Dust Extractors




Dust Collectors for Belt Conveyors

Dust Collectors for Belt ConveyorsFilquip is a supplier of Insertable Dust Collectors for Belt Conveyors, the low profile nature of the Insertable unit makes it perfect for mounting on Belt Conveyor systems. Filquip is happy to calculate and specify the dust collector required for Dust Control of your Belt Conveyor.

As the Queensland distributor and agent for WAM and their patented dust collector units which are renowned worldwide ,Filquip can provide insertable dust collector systems from small bins and silos to  conveyor transfer points on ship unloaders and even large quarry crusher hoppers

The filters elements are inserted horizontally or vertically with a compressed air cleaning system integrated in the access door so the cleaning tubes do not need to be removed to access the filters.

  • Air volumes up to 9,000m³/hr.
  • Filtration surface areas from 3m² to 54m².
  • Optional vertical or horizontal filter elements.
  • Robust stainless steel 304 body. 316SS Option available.
  • Available as a hazardous area dust collector.
  • Available with integrated extraction fanset.
  • Available with Electronic Differential Pressure Meter.

The WAMAir Insertable Dust Collector has maintenance free automatic reverse air jet cleaning of the cartridges, this is a must on Dust Collectors for Belt Conveyors.

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