Air Slide Fabric

Filquip carries Air Slide Fabric and Air Slide Media Available Ex Stock in Brisbane in standard 305mm and 440mm Wide sizes. Available by the roll or in custom cut sections. Filquip Air Slide Matting Available Ex Stock

We also often have stocks of other air slide media sizes including 270mm wide, 320mm wide and 430mm wide.

All of our Air Slide Fabric Available Ex Stock is Quality Polyester Multifilement Fabric.

We can also supply special airslide material for temperatures as low as -60 Deg C up to maximum temperatures of 250 Deg C with sort periods up to 450 Deg C.

Our Air Slide Fabric is used in:

  • Pneumatic Loading Systems.
  • Pneumatic Discharge Systems.
  • Air Slides.
  • Storage Silos.
  • Fluidising basins.
  • Railway Wagons Discharging Cones.
  • Tanker Trucks.
  • Isotainers.
  • Powder Coating Machine Sinter Basin Bottoms.
  • Powder Containers and many other applications.

Open Filquip Air Slide Fabric Datasheet