Silo Overfill Protection System – New Website Page

Filquip has a new Silo Overfill Protection Website page and Brochure available now.Overfill Protection Control PanelSilo Overfill protection Ducting to Ground

The Filquip overfill protection silo safety system consists of all the required items for ensuring the silo being filled cannot be over pressurized or overfilled and eliminates dust emissions:

  • Control panel – Available with key control to ensure the correct product is filled into the correct silo and with the ability to manage multiple silos.
  • Pinch valves – Controls and isolates different silo fill lines.
  • High level indicator – Provides feedback when the silo has reached a pre-set high level.
  • Differential pressure switch or electronic pressure meter – Measure in silo pressure.
  • Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) – Safety valve to release excess pressure in silo.
  • Dust collector – Venting of excess air without any dust emissions.
  • Ducting kit to vent to ground – Ducting from the PRV and Dust Collector to ground.
  • Wear bends/elbows – Abrasion resistant pipe bends and elbows for the silo filling lines.
  • Pneumatic fittings – Air regulators, fittings and airline required for pneumatic plumbing.

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