VHS Pressure Relief Valve Servicing in 5 Minutes – Filquip

Filquip has released an Instructional Video on how to setup, service and maintain a WAM VHS Silo Pressure Relief Valve (Stainless Steel Version) in 5 minutes. The WAM VHS Pressure Relief Valve Series are available off the shelf from Filquip, for more information please call or email contact us at sales@filquip.com.au

  • Excess Pressure up to 900 mm H2O at a flow rate of 5,000m³/hour (0.09 Bar or 1.3 PSI at 2,950 cfm).
  • Vacuum/Negative Pressure up to -50 mm H2O at a flow rate of 1,900m³/hour (-0.005 Bar or -0.07 PSI).
  • Stainless Steel 304 Casing with Mild Steel or Stainless Steel Upstand to connect to your silo.
  • Casing Diameter 273mm
  • Available with Duct to Ground kit.

Open VHS Stainless Steel Pressure Relief Valve Brochure

Filquip has also released a video on the setup of the VHS.C Polymer Pressure Relief valve.