Weather proof Industrial Storage IBC Hoppers

Filquip is a supplier of Weather proof Industrial Storage IBC Hoppers. These hoppers are perfect for storage of hygroscopic materials that are affected by weather and moisture. These hoppers are used where bulk bags experience difficulties due to weather and moisture effects onsite.

Weather Proof Industrial Storage IBCs

Weather proof Industrial Storage IBC Hoppers

The IBC hoppers are stackable due to the design of the frame which locks into the unit below when stacked.

Filquip also has a bulk bag unloader frame which is positioned over the IBC Hopper to allow easy filling from bulk bags of product.

  • Weather Proof Industrial Conical Vessels.
  • Cone Bottom Tank for Powders and Liquids
  • Sizes: 0.6m³ 1.0m³, 1.5m³, 2.0m³
  • Cone Angle: 50°
  • Outlet Sizes: 100mm or 200mm diameter
  • Outlet Valve: Butterfly Valve with Hand Lever (other options available)
  • Frame: Heavy Duty Galvanised Frame with Integrated Fork Channels.

IBC Filling Station