Magnetic Separators and Tube/Pipe Magnets

The new Stif Magnetic Separators and Tube/Pipe Magnets are now available from Filquip including manual and automated metal disposal options for your system.

The automated magnetic separators work by magnetising metals contained in the product flow which become held to the side wall magnet, the side wall magnet flap then opens with the metals still magnetised, with the magnetic flap open over the discharge chute demagnetisation occurs depositing the metals into the waste chute.

The automated magnetic separators come in three standard sizes:

Chute Magnet

  • 200mm x 350mm (Throughput 100 m3/hr)
  • 200mm x 650mm (Throughput 200 m3/hr)
  • 200mm x 950mm (Throughput 300 m3/hr)

The manual tube/Pipe Magnets are designed to intercept metals contained in the product flow and hold them to the magnetic body for cleaning and disposal. The tube or pipe magnets come in eight standard sizes:

  • 100mm Diameter (Throughput 10 m3/hr)
  • 150mm Diameter (Throughput 35 m3/hr)
  • 200mm Diameter (Throughput 85 m3/hr)
  • 250mm Diameter (Throughput 130 m3/hr)
  • 300mm Diameter (Throughput 200 m3/hr)
  • 400mm Diameter (Throughput 260 m3/hr)
  • 500mm Diameter (Throughput 310 m3/hr)
  • 600mm Diameter (Throughput 400 m3/hr)

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Eurac Borosilicate Glass Viewing Pipes and Bends

The new Eurac Borosilicate Sight Glass Viewing Pipes and Bends, Tubing and Viewing Pipes come in a wide range of diameters. The transparency of the borosilicate glass allows simple visual checks of the material flowing through the pipes or bends. With Electrostatic Protection from its Copper Conductive Strip and Food Grade properties (think Pyrex Glass) they are well suited to a large range of products.  Cleat Pipes

  • Borosilicate Glass has up to 10 times the abrasion resistance of Stainless Steel.
  • Available in multiple tube and pipe diameters including 38, 40, 45, 50, 60, 63.5, 65, 70, 76, 80, 84, 88.9, 101.6, 104 and 114mm.
  • Available in Straight Lengths, 45 Deg Bends or 90 Deg Bends.
  • Industrially known as Spy Pipes, Sight Glass, See through pipes, Inspection pipes, Toughened glass bends and Inspection sections.

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WAM Low Profile Circular Lump Breaker

The new WAM LBC Circular Lump Breaker is a low profile cost effective solution to clumps and lumps in powders and granular materials.  Circular Lump Breaker Circular Lump Breaker

  • Circular Lump Breaker body manufactured in Aluminium Alloy and available with Stainless Steel or Mild Steel Blades.
  • Available in multiple diameters including 200, 250, 300, 350 and 400mm.
  • 75mm Flange to Flange (Low Profile)
  • Comes with Gearbox and Motor

New Dense Phase Conveying Brochure

Filquip has a new Dense Phase Conveying Brochure detailing the Sand Conveyingadvantages of a Dense Phase Conveying system for materials handling.

Detailing the different models that can be provided to convey almost any product at flow rates up to 100T/h and distances up to 500m. Dense phase systems are perfect for conveying hard to handle products and can be filled from Bulk Bag Unloaders, Silo’s, Hoppers, Chutes, Screw Conveyors and most other filling equipment types.

Some of the advantages include:

  • High product conveyed to Air used ratio = Energy saving and cost saving
  • Less moving parts = Reduced maintenance and costs
  • Lower velocity conveying = Lower pipeline wear = Reduced maintenance and costs
  • High Internal cleaning = Increased efficiency
  • Completely closed system = Increased safety
  • Reduced product stratification and impacts = Perfect for fragile and mixed materials

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Savi Water Treatment Equipment Australia

Filquip is proud to represent Savi Water Treatment Equipment in Queensland, Australia.

The Savi range includes:

  • Rotating Drum Screens (Pre-MBR and Standard)Savi Australia
  • Screenings Washer Compactors
  • Grit Classifiers
  • Septage Recieval Stations
  • Pista Grit Circular Traps
  • Belt Screens
  • Step Screens
  • Mechanical Bar Screens
  • Band Screens
  • Sludge Thickeners
  • Travelling Bridges
  • Clarifier Bridges
  • Overflow Spillways
  • Penstocks
  • Sand Washers

The Savi Pre-MBR Rotating Drum Screen is the standard for solids capture to protect the plant membrane bio reactor, with over 15 operating screens across Australia and New Zealand.

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Silo Overfill Protection System – New Website Page

Filquip has a new Silo Overfill Protection Website page and Brochure available now.Overfill Protection Control PanelSilo Overfill protection Ducting to Ground

The Filquip overfill protection silo safety system consists of all the required items for ensuring the silo being filled cannot be over pressurized or overfilled and eliminates dust emissions:

  • Control panel – Available with key control to ensure the correct product is filled into the correct silo and with the ability to manage multiple silos.
  • Pinch valves – Controls and isolates different silo fill lines.
  • High level indicator – Provides feedback when the silo has reached a pre-set high level.
  • Differential pressure switch or electronic pressure meter – Measure in silo pressure.
  • Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) – Safety valve to release excess pressure in silo.
  • Dust collector – Venting of excess air without any dust emissions.
  • Ducting kit to vent to ground – Ducting from the PRV and Dust Collector to ground.
  • Wear bends/elbows – Abrasion resistant pipe bends and elbows for the silo filling lines.
  • Pneumatic fittings – Air regulators, fittings and airline required for pneumatic plumbing.

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IP Pressure Sensors for Tanker filled silos

Pressure Sensors for Tanker filled silosFilquip is proud to supply the Torex IPE Electronic Pressure Meter and IPM Mechanical Pressure Meter for monitoring of the pressure inside bins or silos during their filling from tankers and specifically during the purging of then tanker truck.

  • The pressure sensor membrane is self-cleaning and temperature resistant
  • The casing is aluminium alloy with IP55 protection rating.
  • Available with 4-20 mA output signal configurations for the IPE.
  • 24VDC supply voltage.
  • IPX mounting spigot available for simple installation onto any silo

If your installing a new truck or tanker filled silo storage system or upgrading an existing silo system then the IPE/IPM Pressure meter is a key component for managing over pressurisation before the relief valve is activated, thus avoiding any emissions to the surroundings.

Open Torex IPE Pressure Sensor Brochure

Seperation of cement fines from reclaimed concrete truck wash water – Filquip Filter Press

Filquip has recently completed trials of its Filter Press units on the washRemoving suspended solids with filter pressFilter Press
out water from concrete trucks. The concrete returned from the job to the batch plant is washed out of the agitator truck into a pit or concrete reclaimer system (See WAM Consep concrete reclaimer). The wash water is separated from the sands and aggregates but contains suspended solids preventing it from being discharged to the sewer or re-used in concrete production.

A three plate trial Filquip filter press was setup and processed 3.6m3/hr of the reclaimed water slurry separating the suspended fines out.

Filtering the reclaimed water reduces the costs of using vacuum trucks to clean out the settled solids in tanks.

Open presentation ” Seperation of cement fines from reclaimed concrete truck wash water – Filquip Filter Press”

New Heavy Duty Magnetic Vibrator Mounting Bracket “MagBase HD”

The new Heavy Duty magnetic vibrator mounting bracket is now available fromMagnetic vibrator mounting bracket Filquip. Both the MK2 and HD models of the “Filquip MagBase” are made from Stainless Steel 304 and use strong rare earth magnets to hold the vibrators against the steel formwork, hopper walls, silos or bins requiring vibrating.

The MagBase HD handles allow easy movement of vibrators around the steel structure being vibrated and also provides protection for the air fittings on the vibrator from being accidentally damaged.

The Oli range of Pneumatic vibrators available for direct mounting to the bracket includes the OR100, OT36S, OT36, OT30, S36 or S30. Giving a wide range of vibration forces and amplitudes to suit the vibration requirements.

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Filquip New Website Launch – Jan 2017

New Website

Filquip is pleased to launch its new website for January 2017. Our new website showcases all of the major products and services Filquip supplies across its 5 major divisions; Bulk Materials Handling, Vibration & Aeration, Water & Waste Water Treatment, Industrial Filtration and Pneumatic Conveying.

Brochures on our products are available to download from links on each page.