Filquip Mobile Industrial Vacuum Skids

Filquip designs, fabricates, commissions and supplies a range of Industrial Mobile Vacuum Skids which suck up waste product from the floors and walls of the plant/facility and deposits it into a Bulk Bag for safe removal or sieving for re-use.

The Filquip mobile industrial vacuum skid includes modular replaceable equipment for maintenance and has the following features:

  • Up to 30m Vacuum Distance with Flexible hose and wand attachments provided
  • 7.5kW Vacuum Blower and integrated control panel with overfill high level shutdown
  • Automatic Reverse Pulse Cleaned Dust Collector for the Filter Receiver
  • Fabricated Skid Frame for Forklift movement or can be mounted on a trailer.
  • Rotary Valve Airlock for vacuumed feeding product into a bulk bag
  • Designed with a sliding frame allowing the unit to be lowered and made compact for travel.

The use of this system has saved the customer over $10,000 per month in Vacuum Sucker Truck Expenses allowing them to use their own staff downtime to clean the facility and existing waste skip removal contract to dump the filled bulk bags of waste as opposed to truck dumping fees.

Filquip Mobile Industrial Vacuum Skid

Filquip Mobile Industrial Vacuum Skid

Filquip Mobile Industrial Vacuum System