Automated 25kg Bag Splitting Station

Filquip provides a range of Bag Splitting Stations and Bulk Bag Unloaders with splitter knives to suit a diverse selection of bag types and sizes, from 25kg paper bags to 2m3 Bulk Bags in fabric. These units are also known as Bag Break Stations and Bag Unloading Stations.

RSA automatic 25kg Bag Unloading StationAutomatic Bag Splitting Station RSA

The RSA Automatic bag splitter allows the splitting of bags loaded onto a conveyor belt by pressing and cutting to unload the product in an automatic and safe manner.

The RSA Automatic Bag Splitting Station by EXTRAC is great value, offering cutting edge technology with few moving components and a simple operating principle.

It is made up of a splitting unit which consists of a trough that encloses an extra heavy-duty splitting screw which cuts the bags and empties the product into the screening unit that is a horizontal, cylindrically shaped rotating screen, complete with drive unit. On top of the screening unit a suitable fan-operated dust collector can be integrated. Alternatively, the RSA is supplied with connecting spigots for a central de-dusting unit.

The RSA Automatic Bag Splitter is used for splitting and emptying of single or multiple layer bags made from paper, polyethylene, polyethylene-lined paper, interwoven plastic, or polyethylene-lined interwoven plastic.
The bags are loaded manually or via a belt conveyor into the inlet which is covered by a dust collection hood. The bags drop from the belt on a heavy-duty shaftless screw. Thin bags will burst open just through impact. Bags with multiple layers or those made of elastic plastic material are pulled in by the slowly turning screw and ripped open through a scissor effect between screw and trough. Interwoven plastic bags are cut open by a multiple cutting disc set mounted on top of the inlet. The bag contents fall through the screen mesh into a collecting device mounted on the outlet of the machine allowing the product to be fed into a Screw Conveyor, Rotary Valve or other conveying system.

  • Available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel 304 or Stainless Steel 316.
  • Available with duct collection filter mounted on the unit.
  • Available with connection for a centralised dust collection system to be connected.
  • Low operating noise.
  • Able to handle bags of different sizes without machine adjustment.
  • Low product residue.

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Bulk bag compactorExtrac waste bag compactorBag Compactors COM

For disposing of large volumes of empty bags the COM Waste Bag Compactor is an efficient and economical solution. Bags are compressed to a fraction of their original volume while the workplace is kept perfectly tidy.

The COM Bag Compactor for broken empty bags consists of a trough that  is longitudinally split in half to facilitate replacement of the SINT liner that helps with the introduction of the bags into the compression chamber and further compression of the broken bags once in the chamber. At the end of the COM outlet a polyethylene tube for disposal of waste bags can be fitted.

The COM Waste Bag Compactor can receive entire empty bags or bag fragments from a bag emptying device. It compacts bags to approximately one eighth of their original volume. Waste bags can be easily disposed of by collecting them in a polyethylene hose which has to be periodically cut and sealed.

  • Available in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel 304
  • All models come with heavy duty shaftless spiral with bearing mounted at the inlet.
  • Easy access to all parts due to its modular design.
  • Able to handle bags of different sizes without machine adjustment.
  • Available in Hazardous Area Zone build.
  • The bag compactor does not have to be shut down to release the filled outlet bag.

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