Concrete Vibrators from OLI that fit Wacker Mounts

Filquip is pleased to introduce the new OLI External Electric High Frequency Vibrators for formworks and moulds. This new design allows precast plants to use quick release mounts that suit both OLI and Wacker vibrators. Therefore existing Wacker Vibrators can be replaced with our OLI series without modifications to your existing formwork and cradles.

High frequency electric vibrators are used in construction sites and in precast manufacturing plants to obtain high-quality products (exposed concrete), with excellent aesthetic results and weather resistance. The vibration is transmitted to the concrete indirectly through formworks or mould.

The OLI external electric vibrators are characterised by high operating efficiency and ease of installation. Specifically designed cradles reduce the time required for installing and repositioning.

Oli MVE Vibrator fits Wacker Vibrator Mounts

Product Features Product Benefits
• Centrifugal vibration force: 1373 kg
• RPM: 0 – 6000
• Frequency: 0 – 200Hz
• Available Voltages: 42V & 230/415
• Weight 11kgs • Suits the AR Range of Wacker Cradles
• High Operating Efficiency
• Cost Effective & Readily Available
• Premium quality bearings
• 1 Year Warranty

Product accessories include VSD Converters, Weld-in cradle mounts and Cable Connectors.

Oli Wacker Vibrator Cradle Mount

Concrete Vibrator 10 Way VSD Converter with Cables

New Oli Vibrators Catalogues

Filquip is a bulk materials handling equipment supplier with specialist experience in vibration, aeration and fluidisation systems to move some of the toughest materials.

Filquip has partnered with Oli Vibrators of Italy to deliver quality vibratory and flow aid equipment. Filquip is pleased to present the new Oli Vibrators Catalogues.

New Oli Flow Aids Catalogue

New Oli Industrial Vibrators Catalogue

New Oli Concrete Consolidation Catalogue

Compressed Air Driven Concrete Poker

Filquip is proud to present the newest product to its concrete consolidation range of vibration equipment, the VHA High Frequency Compressed Air Driven Concrete Poker.

Fresh concrete does not compact and release air bubbles trapped within the mix without vibration. Filquip supplies a range of Compressed Air Driven Concrete Pokers also known as Needles to overcome the poor fluidity and internal friction within the fresh concrete to release the air bubbles and compact the concrete mix.

The VHA Series of high frequency pneumatic concrete pokers operate on compressed air at 6bar to provide a high working efficiency under safe conditions.

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Free from electricity – Safe to operate
  • Available in 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm and 105mm diameter poker heads.
  • VHA range comes with 2m SBR rubber hose (Optional up to 6m length available)
  • Quick Connect Fittings and filter included
  • Eccentric Rotor Vibration Generation with no moving parts in the hose
  • No moving parts in the hose = Maintenance Free Operation
  • No moving parts in the hose = Less vibration on the hands and arms of the operator
  • Can work out of concrete without overheating

Open OLI VHA Pneumatic Concrete Pokers Datasheet

Compressed Air Concrete NeedleCompressed Air Concrete Pokers