High Flow Bulk Bag Unloader HFF

The addition of the new SBB-HFF series of bulk bag unloaders to the Filquip range brings a new level of reliability in bulk bag decanting. Since 1969 Extract have been innovating their designs and the new High Flow Bulk Bag Unloader HFF series provide Bulk Bag Unloading using their integrated bag massaging system with control panel.

  • Available in half frame or full frame forklift loaded models, or in a integrated crane and monorail model.
  • Available in Carbon steel, Stainless steel 304 and Stainless steel 316
  • Every unit comes with Certified Bulk Bag Lifting Cross with 2000kg SWL.
  • Includes electrical vibrator, level probe point and dust collection point to ensure efficient and clean bulk bag unloading.
  • Lockable access hatch for Bag neck tie opening with option for door interlock switch
  • Available with bag splitting knives.
  • Available in 1,250mm or 1,500mm diameter cones for different sizes bag and holding requirements

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