IP Pressure Sensors for Tanker filled silos

Pressure Sensors for Tanker filled silosFilquip is proud to supply the Torex IPE Electronic Pressure Meter and IPM Mechanical Pressure Meter for monitoring of the pressure inside bins or silos during their filling from tankers and specifically during the purging of then tanker truck.

  • The pressure sensor membrane is self-cleaning and temperature resistant
  • The casing is aluminium alloy with IP55 protection rating.
  • Available with 4-20 mA output signal configurations for the IPE.
  • 24VDC supply voltage.
  • IPX mounting spigot available for simple installation onto any silo

If your installing a new truck or tanker filled silo storage system or upgrading an existing silo system then the IPE/IPM Pressure meter is a key component for managing over pressurisation before the relief valve is activated, thus avoiding any emissions to the surroundings.

Open Torex IPE Pressure Sensor Brochure